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dream interpretation

Some popular dreams and what they mean

Fire Dreams- Fire dreams are very common and they often mean a lot of different things. Fire dreams mean you have a big problem in your life and are being pulled in different directions. Having an internal battle.

Water Dreams- Dreaming about water means that you are connected to your emotions. They can even make us realize we deserve to feel deeper. 

Colors Dreams- This one is interesting because according to verywellmind 12% of people dream in black and white.

Dreaming about being late- When the dream of being late Means that you are in need of change. They also can mean fear of missing out.

Going up an escalator- going up an escalator in a dream means that you wait for everything to be done for you. Someone taking care of all your needs.

What are dream interpretations?

The human brain is a wonderful organ, always thinking, always acting, and never resting. Even as you sleep, your brain works to a certain degree, processing information and supporting liver function. During REM sleep, your mind may become lucid and draw abstract or open you to new levels and dimensions of consciousness.

Sometimes emotional or even violent dream sequences take place or a recurring dream or dream pattern is trying to make you aware of situations or circumstances to embrace or avoid.

Our Dream interpretation Experts

A trained individual, like our psychics at Psychic Life Answers, has the ability to decode your dreams. We can recognize the symbols and sequences and provide you with real-life solutions to solve the problems that your subconscious is presenting to you in this fashion.

Looking for a professional dream interpretation near me?

We are able to understand and outline the dreams that you have and in doing so your subconscious tends to reveal a distinct issue or concern that perhaps would not be realized until you understand the meaning of the dream or dreams. Call us now to have your dreams interpreted!

The human brain knows no limits

The human brain is wonderful and its ability to generate dreams is a wonderful gift. We all dream mostly the same that’s why we have a section dedicated to the most common dreams. We provide one of the most accurate dream interpretations in Naperville, IL. Give us a call and see what makes us different than the rest!.

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