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As the Sanskrit word meaning “wheel,” Chakras are the spinning energy centers that are contained within each of our bodies. They correspond to different areas of the body, organs, glands, attributes that manifest in life, our personalities and also our personal success. Chakra balancing is a method for aligning these energy centers and allowing them to become equally balanced, open, and to bring forth a balance in your chakra energy which will be noticeable from day one. When a chakra is closed, blocked or overactive it causes the related energies in your life to be hindered or overactive. The throat chakra for example when blocked can significantly impact our ability to communicate effectively for fear of disappointment or judgement. Chakra balancing of the throat chakra can remedy inconsistency, lack self-expression or even correct communication issues that may make one appear unreliable. Chakra balancing can remedy a single blocked or unbalanced chakra or remedy several chakra issues and provide the ability to communicate openly and confidently which will manifest in our desires and harmony in our physical lives.

Chakra balancing improves our personal energy and emotional changes to benefit our health. Chakra balancing creates health benefits, spiritual benefits, love and soulmate matching, improved family and business relationships and even in some cases, increased financial stability. Chakras that are working harmoniously and effectively results in spiritual healing and physical healing. Chakras that are opened and balanced give us a more pure form and positive energy flow from our self while still allowing the increased positive inflow of information and vibrations from the universe (through our 3rd eye chakra or environment). Increased vitality, improved spiritual health and improved spiritual self-maintenance are all results from having balanced chakras and utilizing the services of Psychic Life Answers will assist you in balancing your spirit, mind, and body all together; This will lead to total overall health.

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